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Huanchaco is a Melbourne based World Fusion four-piece band that draw upon a wide range of influences from many different styles and flavours of music and cultures.


Inspired by travels to various corners of the globe, their songs are a mix of genres such as flamenco, rumba, folk, gypsy and classical. The songs are both lyrical and instrumental, interweaving lyrical poetic messages and melodic elegance in both Spanish and English. Huanchaco aims to create a collective celebration of culture and expression through music with a message of equality, community, and environment. 

Huanchaco comprises of:

Ximena Abarca (Chile) – vocals and castanets,

Sharmila Periakarpan (AU) violin, flute, and vocals,

Daniel J Dixon (English -New Zealand) - guitar and bass

Terry Law (Hong Kong) - percussion.

Huanchaco’s live show takes the audience on a journey through atmosphere, melody and rhythm and has seen them perform throughout Australia and beyond.  

Huanchaco's discography to date include:

Self titled 2013

Arrhythmia 2015

Communion 2016

Passages 2020

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